fireflies and figs - home cooked food from the heart.

with a heady mix of mediterranean, north african and traditional italian cuisine, dining here is always a treat


At fireflies & figs, we strive to make good food. Whether it has been foraged, home grown or bought locally, we want our food to taste great. Fern, our resident chef, spends hours creating special menus for you to enjoy on our long Italian table. We open as a supper club on Fridays and Saturdays to eat under the stars and taste home grown cooked food. Fern draws upon her influences from her many travels and time working with food throughout the Mediterranean to conjure up delicious meals cooked from the heart. Don’t expect any fancy foams or melodramatic mousses, Fern is honest and so is her food.

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grown and nurtured here                                                                               enjoyed here

We like to offer our guests tasty evening meals four evenings a week for 30 euros per head.  For this we offer a three course dinner along with some canapes, an aperitivo and a digestivo, all seated at our long table. We also like to create lovely lunch picnics for you to take away, just give us a little bit of notice and we’ll have your hamper ready before you go.

our olive oil

We have about 60 olive trees on our land here at fireflies and figs and we pick and bottle the liquid gold  to use in our food. There is nothing like fresh organic extra virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed on a hot day drizzled on a piece of toasted ciabatta with a sprinkling of salt! Click here to read more about our oil and a chance to adopt some of your own trees.

our kitchen garden

Built in April 2013, we have a small but perfectly formed vegetable patch. Most of the vegetables we eat come from here including the best juicy tomatoes, delicious aubergines and fiery chilli peppers. Abruzzo has a fantastic climate for growing vegetables,especially chilli. It is hardly used in Northern Italy, but from Abruzzo down to Sicily it grows extremely well and creates fantastic zingy pasta sauces. We are slowly growing a small orchard at the bottom of our land near the stream which has fig trees in abundance along with apples, pears, walnuts, apricots and plums. Watch out for these with your breakfast as well as our neighbour’s honey and fresh eggs.

the food of abruzzo

Abruzzese cuisine, like all Italian cuisine is absolutely delicious. It ranges from the great mountain food of wild boar ragu to tasty sea food platters with clams and squid. There are many local specialities to enjoy.We have a local pasta called chitarrina, also known as ‘guitar’ pasta. There is a great salami called Ventricina which holds quite a punch of chilli. Saffron is grown here on the plains of Navelli in the Aquila province. Arrostocini is a popular fiesta food where small morsels of lamb are pushed on to a skewer and griddled over fire with flavoured salts. Also, do not miss out on the superb Abruzzo sausages that come in all sorts of flavours with specialities from different butchers across the region. All these delights can be found in small local restaurants serving Nonna’s food waiting to be eaten by you.